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BECCS keeps on truckin’ in IL

A quick update on ADM’s Illinois ethanol plant w/ carbon capture and storage (previously discussed here): ADM Carbon Capture Reaches 1 Million Metric Tons Apparently they’ve geologically sequestered 1,000,000 Mg CO2 fixed from the atmosphere by corn plants since 2011.¬† … Continue reading

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The godfather of geoengineering*

In this week’s Science there’s an interesting article about David Keith of Harvard University, who has long been one of the most prominent voices on the subject of geoengineering: Dr. Cool The article is particularly interesting in that it touches … Continue reading

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Ignore Keystone XL, focus on clean coal?

An update to the previous entry on challenges to scientists doing advocacy: Nocera’s latest editorial (A Real Carbon Solution) is about a coal gasification project in Texas that he bills as a fossil-fuel-industry-friendly contribution to combating climate change (as opposed … Continue reading

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Bioenergy + CCS: happening sooner than you think?

In fact, it’s already happening, with carbon capture and storage (CCS) systems recently deployed at an ethanol plant in Illinois and one in Saskatchewan. This is a big deal! ¬†Bioenergy coupled with CCS has the potential to be net carbon-negative, … Continue reading

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fracking could destroy CO2 storage rock

Didn’t occur to me until reading this article, but the rock that people are proposing to pump CO2 into for long term carbon capture and sequestration is next the same rock that we are fracturing to extract the shale gas.. … Continue reading

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