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Funding for renewable energy on the farm

From Bloomberg:  Barclays Forms $163 Million Renewable Energy Fund for U.K. Farms In response to farmer demand, the large UK bank Barclays has just devoted several hundred million dollars towards financing small-scale renewable energy projects.  Most of the projects apparently … Continue reading

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EPA targeted for more legislation

7 out of the 10 programs discussed here are EPA programs, and targeted by Eric Cantor as “job killing”. What he fails to mention is that most of these also try to minimize pollution which is “people killing”.  So … Continue reading

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Everything you ever wanted to know about error bars- and more!

Confused about confidence intervals? Stymied by standard error?? For all of you out there crunching data and polishing paper drafts, check out this invaluable little publication on error bars and the basics of the underlying statistics: Cumming, G., Fidler, F. … Continue reading

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Industry responds to EPA / Howarth on natural gas / fracking emissions

IHS CERA is a consulting company that works with the natural gas industry. In this report they have some counterpoints about estimated methane emissions from fracking operations. See the report here: what I surmise from this is that while … Continue reading

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cellulosic ethanol targets: what should we do?

So the EISA RFS targets were too high.  Most of us who don’t work in the PR department of a struggling alternative energy company probably knew that. So what should we do? Reduce the targets or maintain them? On one … Continue reading

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CSU researchers receive DOE grant to study bioenergy feedstocks

Some more local news at Colorado State!  My lab as part of a larger collaboration was awarded a pretty large DOE/USDA grant for translational research on bioenergy feedstocks. We’ll be using rice as both 1) a model for other grasses … Continue reading

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California leads, New England follows, then maybe the rest of the country..

California leads, New England follows, then maybe eventually after federal policy based on regional policy, the rest of the country will come along:

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