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revised RFS biofuels mandates proposed: “slashing” not the right word

Well, EPA has finally proposed the revised bioenergy production mandates under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) retroactively for 2014, for this year, and for 2016.  Not a big surprise that it was less than the original mandates, and I’d like to put … Continue reading

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Hints of major changes in 2014 RFS mandates

As the election season winds down, we expect the Obama administration to release the long awaited volumes of renewable fuel that should be blended for 2014 (which the RFS law specifies EPA should have released November 2013).  A recent article linked … Continue reading

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analysis of proposed 2014 RFS volumes

Nice analysis of the proposed 2014 volumes for the RFS here: http://farmdocdaily.illinois.edu/2013/11/proposed-rules-2014-rfs.html Remember, there is a 90 day comment period before a final rule is made.. interesting to see how this will play out.

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EPA to cut down on Brazilian imported ethanol

Since the RFS, economically interesting and sometimes confusing things have happened between US and Brazilian produced ethanol.  For a while, boats of ethanol were crossing eachother in the gulf of Mexico: US produced ethanol to brazil due to a lack … Continue reading

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updates on the court challenge to the RFS: minimal long-term impact

I like how this post by Judy Endres explains the recent court ruling “overturning part of the RFS”.  The devil is in the details: Although the court rejected EPA’s approach favoring overestimation of projected cellulosic biofuel production, the RFS itself, … Continue reading

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comparing original RFS volumes with revised volumes (some perspective)

Today the EPA released revised mandated amounts of biofuel to be blended under the RFS legislation. To put these numbers in perspective I have taken the original requirements for cellulosic in the 2007 law and compared to the revised amounts … Continue reading

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will suspending the ethanol mandate actually affect corn prices?

Two recent economic analyses support the conclusion that waiving or modifying policy that encourages ethanol production from corn would have little impact on corn prices.  There have been calls to waive or modify the RFS due to the massive drought … Continue reading

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