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New UT study pessimistic on future of US fracking boom

This interesting recent Nature News Feature caught my eye: Natural Gas:  the Fracking Fallacy Researchers at the University of Texas recently conducted a study of the reserve size of the four most productive US shale gas formations, and came up … Continue reading

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Fracking regulations go political

  If they weren’t already, fracking and fracking regulations are becoming more and more political.  Colorado is at the forefront of this debate due to the proximity of extraction operations and affluent communities such as Boulder, CO.  Several of these communities … Continue reading

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Natural gas shutting down coal plants (with energy price comparison calculator!)

Great article on how the natural gas revolution is influencing electric power in the US, and how coal plants are threatened more by gas than by the EPA.. http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/the-demise-of-coal-fired-power-plants/2012/11/21/e7ca1e6e-fdda-11e1-b153-218509a954e1_story.html Some people quoted in this article say that if gas hits $3 – … Continue reading

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reminding us about the Jevon’s Paradox

This short article (linked below) reminds us of something I’ve posted on before: the Jevon’s Paradox, or the idea that we will use more energy as it becomes cheaper.  So the natural gas revolution we are seeing in the US … Continue reading

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fracking could destroy CO2 storage rock

Didn’t occur to me until reading this article, but the rock that people are proposing to pump CO2 into for long term carbon capture and sequestration is next the same rock that we are fracturing to extract the shale gas.. … Continue reading

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natural gas leading to reduction in US emissions – a case for technology investment instead of policy?

Interesting observations over at yale360 on falling US emissions: http://e360.yale.edu/feature/nordhaus_shellenberger_beyond_cap_and_trade_a_new_path_to_clean_energy/2499/ It seems to be a unique situation that we are observing here..and I’m not sure technology investment without policy is a good model to follow.. I wonder how much of … Continue reading

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Real field measurements of methane emissions from fracking operations published

I’ve been following this increasing interest in estimating methane emissions from natural gas extraction for some time now.  I’ve posted about it a couple times: here, here and here.  Lots of people are interested because fracking for natural gas may … Continue reading

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