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Climate change from an investor’s perspective

Useful angle to think about climate change from an investor’s perspective. Investors are always balancing risk and maybe this is a great way to think about climate change. http://www.dailyclimate.org/tdc-newsroom/2013/10/climate-market-fluctuations As this article demonstrates, when you look at global temperature means … Continue reading

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While housing recovers, clean-tech continues to suffer

A123 Systems bankruptcy filing this week probably surprised no one… but wanted to share two articles with a broader perspective on the difficulty in the clean energy sectors.  I can sum them up pretty easily: “The rise of abundant and … Continue reading

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government funded research and gov backed companies: the best investment

While some fail technologies and some companies fail, overwhelmingly, government backed research is a great investment.  The latest data to support this comes from this report by the Battelle Technology Partnership Practice, described in the link below.  As an example, they … Continue reading

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bioenergy companies flip strategies to lure investors

In what seems to be the beginning of a trend, some early stage bioenergy companies are shifting their focus and their feedstocks away from biomass and towards really really cheap natural gas (thanks to fracking). The first example was Sundrop … Continue reading

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