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Colorado goes cellulosic!

Via Paul, and article in Biofuels Digest highlighting how our local corn ethanol plant (Front Range Energy in Windsor, CO) will soon be transitioning to cellulose-derived sugars for a fraction of its feedstock: This is a very exciting development!  … Continue reading

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Assisted migration- ecosystem protection versus unintended consequences

This morning, just a quick post to highlight some of the work being done over at the Early Career Ecologists blog.  I found their recent entry on assisted migration fascinating: The idea is simple- if climate in many places … Continue reading

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Can scientists be simultaneously ‘engaged’ and non-partisan?

I find myself very irked reading Roger Pielke Jr.’s take on a recent op-ed piece in Nature on the need for scientists, and more importantly, scientific institutions, to project an image of non-partisanship and being ‘above the fray’ in public … Continue reading

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Pb and crime?

It seems like much of the interest in the environmental impact of energy systems these days is focused entirely on greenhouse gas emissions (or maybe that’s me being biased by my own research? :).  However, a recent piece in Mother … Continue reading

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The EIA Energy Outlook seriously bums me out

The US Energy Information Administration, a great source for all kinds of domestic energy use data, just released a preview of their Annual Energy Outlook 2013, as written up by Biomass Magazine: Of specific interest to those of us … Continue reading

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