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gas industry and climate change activists make good bedfellows?

I’m back from a busy past couple months and have a couple things I wanted to post. First up is a post from the Breakthrough Journal – a group that I regularly read for their fascinating and often controversial commentary … Continue reading

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getting to the root of forest carbon sequestration

I wanted to bring some attention to an important area of research lately: estimating the potential of the world’s forests as carbon sinks.  This research is important for two reasons (maybe others as well?): If we have better estimates of … Continue reading

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What bioenergy journals do you read?

Bioenergy is an extremely diverse and multidisciplinary field, and currently seems to be enjoying exponential growth.  I’m constantly surprised to find new journals that I’ve never heard of before that are publishing high-quality studies relevant to my own work. For … Continue reading

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Bioenergy + CCS: happening sooner than you think?

In fact, it’s already happening, with carbon capture and storage (CCS) systems recently deployed at an ethanol plant in Illinois and one in Saskatchewan. This is a big deal!  Bioenergy coupled with CCS has the potential to be net carbon-negative, … Continue reading

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War on renewables?

One of my new favorite world-wide-web stops is Noaphinion, an economics blog written by Noah Smith at the University of Michigan.  It’s witty and very well-written, and regularly linked to by big names in the field like Brad DeLong and … Continue reading

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