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Planet Under Pressure: Is there a spot for biofuels?

The Planet Under Pressure meeting just happened this past week March 26-March 29 2012 in London England.  There was a lot of emphasis on biofuels. The main theme was the pressure biofuels will place on both land and water.  There … Continue reading

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GAO report on gov funding of renewables: we fund alot

Saw this report today from the GAO trying to summarize government funding renewable energy, broken down by department etc.. summary here: Governmentwide, 23 agencies and their 130 subagencies GAO reviewed implemented nearly 700 renewable energy initiatives in fiscal year 2010. … Continue reading

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fracking could destroy CO2 storage rock

Didn’t occur to me until reading this article, but the rock that people are proposing to pump CO2 into for long term carbon capture and sequestration is next the same rock that we are fracturing to extract the shale gas.. … Continue reading

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The end of Nuclear?

The Economist paints a stark picture of the future of nuclear power in this article: The capital costs are HUGE and I suspect they may be correct in their assessment unless we have major shift in government policy to … Continue reading

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