RFS2 Cellulosic Biofuel RIN Volumes

The chart below illustrates the evolution of RFS2 cellulosic biofuel RIN volume targets, nominal production capacity, and actual production volumes.  Data are plotted on a log scale, so a straight line would indicate a steady rate of exponential growth.  Previous posts describing the approach can be found here, here, and here.

Latest update:  September 7, 2014

Note – see here for a discussion of RIN generation trends in 2014

Data sources:

  • The original RFS targets are taken directly from the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA) legislation, and revised targets are updated as they are announced by EPA (for example, here).  Dotted lines show proposed volume revisions that have yet to be finalized.
  • Actual RIN production volumes are taken from the EPA EMTS Informational Data page.  Dotted lines represent projections for the remainder of the year based on a simple extrapolation of monthly average production figures reported so far for that calendar year.
  • Total national installed nameplate production capacity estimates are assembled from three different sources (all last accessed/updated Sept 2013):

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