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lopsided voices: clean energy vs. fossil fuels in the election campaign

In the new post- Citizen’s United world, whoever has the most money has the biggest voice. For those not familar with the ruling and don’t feel like reading the wikipedia article linked above, in¬†essence, the Supreme Court decided: “…that the … Continue reading

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Roger Pielke Jr. on blogging and paper readership

Dr. Pielke down at CU Boulder has an interesting post on how science blogging can increase readership of scientific papers (or at least scientific paper abstracts).¬† He cites an ongoing study by World Bank personnel which concludes that 1-4% of … Continue reading

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new poll out on climate change views

64% believe the planet is warming 47% believe it is human caused And the worst..the one that shows either we aren’t doing our job, or vested interests are doing a better job (probably a bit of both): Only 39% believe … Continue reading

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