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John’s thoughts on Tanger et al. 2013

As promised, here are my post-publication thoughts on Tanger et al. 2013, Biomass for Thermochemical Conversion: This topic was somewhat of a departure for me, as my own research focuses on greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting for bioenergy production from a … Continue reading

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Go CSU bioenergy research!

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Programming skills, and scientific inspiration vs. computational firepower

Via Paul, a very interesting recent article in Science about the need to improve the quality of scientific computing in modelling-based life sciences: Joppa, L. N.; McInerny, G.; Harper, R.; Salido, L.; Takeda, K.; O’Hara, K.; Gavaghan, D.; Emmott, S. … Continue reading

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EPA to cut down on Brazilian imported ethanol

Since the RFS, economically interesting and sometimes confusing things have happened between US and Brazilian produced ethanol.  For a while, boats of ethanol were crossing eachother in the gulf of Mexico: US produced ethanol to brazil due to a lack … Continue reading

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How to create the perfect bioenergy plant

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog lately, and maybe one of the reasons was a manuscript that I’ve been working on and would like to highlight here.  Since one of my co-authors on the paper is fellow blogger John … Continue reading

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