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DDGS substitute for more corn grain than previously thought

This could be a big deal! DDGS from ethanol production can substitute for more corn grain for animal feed than previously thought (and calculated) : via University of Illinois Center for Advanced BioEnergy Research Advertisements

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Step One… California approves carbon trading program,0,1125437.story

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For biofuel crops, like any other crop, genetics matter!

Today I want to mention a couple recent developments on the bioenergy feedstock front.  Specifically, these deal with engineering the genetics of a bioenergy crop with enhanced characteristics for bioenergy. First up, is switchgrass with a gene that prevents flowering … Continue reading

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More on external costs of energy

Continuing my collection of recent estimates of external costs of energy, I found this National Academies report (free to download as pdf). As mostly a biologist, I found this discussion of the absurdity of the US trying to limit “foreign oil” … Continue reading

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DOE changes focus

On Sept 27, 2011 the Department of Energy (DOE) published a  “Report on the First Quadrennial Technology Review.”  The report suggests more research will be funded in areas of energy efficient transportation and electrical use and less in areas related … Continue reading

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New paper estimates costs of air pollution from US industry

Just saw this paper (citation below) with fresh estimates of costs of air pollution based on real data across the entire US, divided by sectors of the economy.  Not unsurprisingly, coal generated electricity comes out as the worst – accounting for … Continue reading

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The geothermal version of fracking?

Check it out: Not only could I see issues with bringing possibly radioactive water back to the surface, but here are some other issues they mention in the article: Blowouts and Earthquakes While a handful of small EGS plants … Continue reading

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