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The godfather of geoengineering*

In this week’s Science there’s an interesting article about David Keith of Harvard University, who has long been one of the most prominent voices on the subject of geoengineering: Dr. Cool The article is particularly interesting in that it touches … Continue reading

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TV drama like details of last summer’s iron dumping revealed

This article seems to have the full story on last summer’s geoengineering “experiment” that we posted about..You can’t make this stuff up! http://www.vancouversun.com/technology/company+centre+iron+dumping+scandal+stands+convictions/8860731/story.html

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geoengineering news roundup

As John mentioned, we are long overdue for an update on geoengineering news. Of course the big story is Russ George dumping iron in the pacific ocean.  It is unclear if this is: A way to generate carbon credits A … Continue reading

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coal gas and geoengineering for hurricanes?

Interesting.. I hadn’t heard of this before: http://washpost.bloomberg.com/story?docId=1376-M9GMPW1A74E901-67PF7KNHRNR0BQCUGIL0LU84T7 The technology works like this: beds, or seams, of underground coal are ignited, and the resulting combustible gas is piped out for use in electricity generation or as a raw material in … Continue reading

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Geoengineering success in the ocean

A great summary of what appears to be a successful demonstration of geoengineering is linked below.  Basically they dumped iron (a necessary nutrient) into the ocean to stimulate a rapid burst of algae  growth, then tracked the algae bloom as … Continue reading

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Geoengineering can save our coral reefs!

Everyone knows that a percentage of the increased CO2 in our atmosphere is being absorbed by our oceans in the form of carbonic acid. Combined with increased temperatures, this is leading to massive coral reef decline. This article talks about … Continue reading

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