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Is E85 a good deal?

Sometimes biofuelsdigest.com has some useful insight and data, but often it can be said in two sentences rather than the several pages they try to fill.  So check out this page of a recent post and importantly the chart: http://www.biofuelsdigest.com/bdigest/2013/06/20/freedom-of-choice-e20-ethanol-blends-take-the-value-crown-from-gasoline-e10/5/Continue reading

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the rebound effect and how energy efficiency may not be the “low hanging fruit”

An interesting paradox: as we conserve more energy, we use more. We pointed out some research in the past on this effect, and some debate about the potential impact of this effect has surfaced in a couple places.  First, there … Continue reading

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Doubling automobile fuel efficiency

Last week our humble little university got a visit from this handsome guy, and Paul and I were lucky enough to attend and even get seats in the bandstand (thanks to Paul for the great photo!).  The speech was carefully … Continue reading

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