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Debt versus climate forcing

I found this (very short) entry on financing climate mitigation efforts really fascinating, given all the current debate about the national debt (and its associated moral overtones)- To break it down even more succinctly: the status quo is that … Continue reading

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Political perils of low-cost geoengineering

From ocean iron fertilization to stratospheric sulfur injection, there’s been a lot of geoengineering news in both the scientific literature and the public media lately- one of us is probably due to write a roundup of the most recent happenings!  … Continue reading

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No wonder electric cars aren’t selling!

While this probably isn’t the reason electric cars have not lived up to the hype and might only sell about 50,000 in 2012 (less than 1% of total sales), maybe it is a reason we shouldn’t encourage them (yet). I … Continue reading

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While housing recovers, clean-tech continues to suffer

A123 Systems bankruptcy filing this week probably surprised no one… but wanted to share two articles with a broader perspective on the difficulty in the clean energy sectors.  I can sum them up pretty easily: “The rise of abundant and … Continue reading

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Collegian op-ed

Thought that I would re-post this op-ed I wrote which was included in today’s Collegian.  Paul and I both sat through the event last Wednesday, and were very disappointed that ASAP would choose to spend several thousand dollars to bring … Continue reading

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Another journal added to the list: EPSE

… which is short for Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy, a publication of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). Each issue is arranged around three topics: 1) environmental remediation, 2) sustainability science, and 3) renewable energy advances. It looks … Continue reading

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Some quick blogging inspiration

This blog has been looking a little sparse lately, now that the fall semester is in full swing (Paul’s been doing okay, having contributed the last three posts; the rest of us have been MIA!).  I just came across this … Continue reading

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