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Energy Factsheet

stumbled on this IEA factsheet and thought I’d share.  Some useful information in here. factsheet here: Advertisements

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Does the CDM promote energy justice?

While not listed explicitly among the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), access to clean and affordable energy for cooking, lighting, heating, transport, refrigeration, and communication is increasingly recognized as an essential pre-requisite for many of the MDGs to be achieved in … Continue reading

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On Ethanol and Import Tariffs

Seems like a really great summary of the current ethanol trade situation towards the end of this article:

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Clean cooking: the convergence of traditional and modern bioenergy in developing countries

One of the great ironies of bioenergy is that,  despite the rapid proliferation of 1st-generation ethanol fuel production in the US/Brazil and the vast resources being devoted to the development of cellolosic ethanol and advanced drop-in renewable fuels, the majority … Continue reading

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New Analysis Quantifies Economic Impact of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

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Kuznets curve at work?

Interesting post at Yale360 about declining consumption in Britain..

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