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2010: highest carbon emissions ever

Looks like we are definitely out of the recession as the IEA is reporting the most carbon emissions ever last year: Up 5% from 2008, the previous record year IEA was projecting 32Gt by 2020 to keep atmospheric CO2 … Continue reading

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NOVA video on Energy

Just wanted to share this nicely done NOVA piece on the future of energy: Enjoy & have a good weekend!

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When real issues have become political fodder…

You know you really failed when a major issue like climate change has become nothing more than political fodder… “The issue itself is not a particularly important issue to people,” said Michael McKenna, a GOP strategist and energy lobbyist. … Continue reading

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One Billion Tons of Food

That’s how much the FAO estimates is lost per year due to “waste” and “losses” Industrialized and developing countries dissipate roughly the same quantities of food — respectively 670 and 630 million tonnes. Every year, consumers in rich countries … Continue reading

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Geoengineering can save our coral reefs!

Everyone knows that a percentage of the increased CO2 in our atmosphere is being absorbed by our oceans in the form of carbonic acid. Combined with increased temperatures, this is leading to massive coral reef decline. This article talks about … Continue reading

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Thought this was an interesting article about big oil focuses their target market to believe them even when their target market is getting hammered by the prices of big oil’s product.  This article shows how much a good public relations … Continue reading

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Energy use in our food supply

So I read this ERS report when it came out recently and was really interested in how little of our “food dollar” actually goes to farmers and how much goes to marketing.  I’ll have to save that for another time. … Continue reading

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