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Quality control in Excel spreadsheets- a serious and universal issue!

Via Paul Krugman’s blog, I’ve been following a fascinating online discussion about the importance of spreadsheet error-checking and independent replication of modeling results in the economic research sector: Holy Coding Error, Batman Researchers Finally Replicated Reinhart-Rogoff, and there are Serious … Continue reading

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The “future” of clean coal – is not in our future

A new report from the CRS reveals the sad state of what many believe is an impossible venture – “clean coal” that involves capturing the CO2 released as the coal is burned:

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IMF report on energy subsidies, implications for a carbon tax & energy security

IMF presents some new analysis of energy subsidies which I have previously wondered about.  It is worth looking over: $25/ton as the cost of CO2 seems low to me.  $502 billion in US energy subsidies including this carbon tax.. I don’t … Continue reading

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