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Pb and crime?

It seems like much of the interest in the environmental impact of energy systems these days is focused entirely on greenhouse gas emissions (or maybe that’s me being biased by my own research? :).  However, a recent piece in Mother … Continue reading

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lopsided voices: clean energy vs. fossil fuels in the election campaign

In the new post- Citizen’s United world, whoever has the most money has the biggest voice. For those not familar with the ruling and don’t feel like reading the wikipedia article linked above, in essence, the Supreme Court decided: “…that the … Continue reading

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Clean cooking: the convergence of traditional and modern bioenergy in developing countries

One of the great ironies of bioenergy is that,  despite the rapid proliferation of 1st-generation ethanol fuel production in the US/Brazil and the vast resources being devoted to the development of cellolosic ethanol and advanced drop-in renewable fuels, the majority … Continue reading

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