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natural gas leading to reduction in US emissions – a case for technology investment instead of policy?

Interesting observations over at yale360 on falling US emissions: It seems to be a unique situation that we are observing here..and I’m not sure technology investment without policy is a good model to follow.. I wonder how much of … Continue reading

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Real field measurements of methane emissions from fracking operations published

I’ve been following this increasing interest in estimating methane emissions from natural gas extraction for some time now.  I’ve posted about it a couple times: here, here and here.  Lots of people are interested because fracking for natural gas may … Continue reading

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Paths to meeting 36 billion gallons of fuel by 2022

A hopeful perspective on how we might be able to meet the targets set in RFS2 by 2022 without building a ton of infrastructure: What do you think?  If we start producing all this biobutanol will the market become … Continue reading

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