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Video highlights research to improve crop residues for bioenergy

We’ve been a bit quiet on here lately, but some other projects have taken some of our time – in my case, helping to produce a video of some of my Ph.D. research.  In it, we discuss our project with … Continue reading

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Clean cooking: the convergence of traditional and modern bioenergy in developing countries

One of the great ironies of bioenergy is that,  despite the rapid proliferation of 1st-generation ethanol fuel production in the US/Brazil and the vast resources being devoted to the development of cellolosic ethanol and advanced drop-in renewable fuels, the majority … Continue reading

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CSU researchers receive DOE grant to study bioenergy feedstocks

Some more local news at Colorado State!  My lab as part of a larger collaboration was awarded a pretty large DOE/USDA grant for translational research on bioenergy feedstocks. We’ll be using rice as both 1) a model for other grasses … Continue reading

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some potential for miscanthus as a bioenergy crop, while switchgrass loses again

So today I’m sharing a study completed by some researchers here at Colorado State University, along with some folks at UI Urbana-Champaign using the DAYCENT model. They basically asked what would happen if instead of using corn to make ethanol, we … Continue reading

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