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Climate change from an investor’s perspective

Useful angle to think about climate change from an investor’s perspective. Investors are always balancing risk and maybe this is a great way to think about climate change. http://www.dailyclimate.org/tdc-newsroom/2013/10/climate-market-fluctuations As this article demonstrates, when you look at global temperature means … Continue reading

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EPA to cut down on Brazilian imported ethanol

Since the RFS, economically interesting and sometimes confusing things have happened between US and Brazilian produced ethanol.  For a while, boats of ethanol were crossing eachother in the gulf of Mexico: US produced ethanol to brazil due to a lack … Continue reading

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IMF report on energy subsidies, implications for a carbon tax & energy security

IMF presents some new analysis of energy subsidies which I have previously wondered about.  It is worth looking over: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2013/03/27/imf-want-to-fight-climate-change-get-rid-of-1-9-trillion-in-energy-subsidies/ $25/ton as the cost of CO2 seems low to me.  $502 billion in US energy subsidies including this carbon tax.. I don’t … Continue reading

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comparing original RFS volumes with revised volumes (some perspective)

Today the EPA released revised mandated amounts of biofuel to be blended under the RFS legislation. To put these numbers in perspective I have taken the original requirements for cellulosic in the 2007 law and compared to the revised amounts … Continue reading

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Natural gas shutting down coal plants (with energy price comparison calculator!)

Great article on how the natural gas revolution is influencing electric power in the US, and how coal plants are threatened more by gas than by the EPA.. http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/the-demise-of-coal-fired-power-plants/2012/11/21/e7ca1e6e-fdda-11e1-b153-218509a954e1_story.html Some people quoted in this article say that if gas hits $3 – … Continue reading

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POET and DuPont prepare for commercialization…

On the heels of KiOR’s commercial production startup, POET announces more details about their commercial process, slated to begin in 2013.  They have been buying corn cobs and corn stover from farmers for the past two seasons in preparation for this.. … Continue reading

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Why governments need to pick energy “winners”

Nice report that challenges our ideas about carbon tax or cap and trade as the solution to both climate change and sustainable energy: http://www.wwf.org.uk/research_centre/?6263 The report argues that although carbon pricing has an important role to play in reducing emissions, … Continue reading

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