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new “wedges” & commentary on climate change

Dr. Socolow, one of the authors of the 2004 “wedges” paper [pdf], provide updated commentary on the state of climate change science, action, and how to move forward: excellent read if you have the chance.. Advertisements

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IPOs and trends in bioenergy technology

In case you haven’t been paying attention, there has been a flood of bioenergy related IPO filings lately (11 this year and still counting). It’s a great way to see what technologies seem close to commercialization because when these companies … Continue reading

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more on subsidies for renewables

Maybe it is just me, but whenever I seem to post something, I notice 5 more articles or references about the same topic.  Here is another interesting take on the whole subsidy question.  Basically when we subsidies renewable energy, are … Continue reading

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scientists battle it out over whether fracking is contaminating groundwater

EDIT: For an excellent primer on shale gas, fracking and both pros & cons, check this out: I wanted to point this out not only because the subject matter is appropriate for this blog, but an example of how … Continue reading

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EU increases GHG offset requirement in attempt to address ILUC

Interesting approach to the Indirect Land Use Change issue: Since ILUC is hard to quantify, the EU is trying to just raise the GHG offsets of qualifying fuels in hopes that this would eliminate fuels that may be causing … Continue reading

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Visualizing Uncertainty

Just to build on John’s post about how to use and interpret error bars, here is a great reference for how to visualize uncertainty, focusing on tools for the general audience:

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fascinating details on energy subsidies

Nice point here that subsidies are a means to an end: and then I started to look at the linked EIA report: [pdf] Rarely do we have a discussion of real data on subsidies that have helped develop … Continue reading

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