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US military allowed to continue biofuels collaborations

I posted on a bill this summer trying to stop the US military from trying to reduce their long term energy costs by partnering with biofuels companies.  The US military consumes a huge amount of fossil fuels in the US, often … Continue reading

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government funded research and gov backed companies: the best investment

While some fail technologies and some companies fail, overwhelmingly, government backed research is a great investment.  The latest data to support this comes from this report by the Battelle Technology Partnership Practice, described in the link below.  As an example, they … Continue reading

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GAO report on gov funding of renewables: we fund alot

Saw this report today from the GAO trying to summarize government funding renewable energy, broken down by department etc.. summary here: Governmentwide, 23 agencies and their 130 subagencies GAO reviewed implemented nearly 700 renewable energy initiatives in fiscal year 2010. … Continue reading

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