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The “future” of clean coal – is not in our future

A new report from the CRS reveals the sad state of what many believe is an impossible venture – “clean coal” that involves capturing the CO2 released as the coal is burned: http://thehill.com/blogs/e2-wire/e2-wire/293655-report-federal-clean-coal-power-project-faces-uncertain-future Advertisements

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lopsided voices: clean energy vs. fossil fuels in the election campaign

In the new post- Citizen’s United world, whoever has the most money has the biggest voice. For those not familar with the ruling and don’t feel like reading the wikipedia article linked above, in essence, the Supreme Court decided: “…that the … Continue reading

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government funded research and gov backed companies: the best investment

While some fail technologies and some companies fail, overwhelmingly, government backed research is a great investment.  The latest data to support this comes from this report by the Battelle Technology Partnership Practice, described in the link below.  As an example, they … Continue reading

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GAO report on gov funding of renewables: we fund alot

Saw this report today from the GAO trying to summarize government funding renewable energy, broken down by department etc.. summary here: Governmentwide, 23 agencies and their 130 subagencies GAO reviewed implemented nearly 700 renewable energy initiatives in fiscal year 2010. … Continue reading

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