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A new paradigm for climate change

I really like the blunt, yet in my opinion accurate assessment of the climate change policy arena in the first part of this commentary.  In the second part, I can’t see how successful the call to action will be.  This … Continue reading

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coal gas and geoengineering for hurricanes?

Interesting.. I hadn’t heard of this before: The technology works like this: beds, or seams, of underground coal are ignited, and the resulting combustible gas is piped out for use in electricity generation or as a raw material in … Continue reading

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Geoengineering success in the ocean

A great summary of what appears to be a successful demonstration of geoengineering is linked below.  Basically they dumped iron (a necessary nutrient) into the ocean to stimulate a rapid burst of algae  growth, then tracked the algae bloom as … Continue reading

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A new record. Unfortunately.

Apparently, the decade-plus-long decline in arctic sea ice extent has continued this year, reaching a record low extent with about a month-ish of additional melting expected to occur.  Check out It’s Okay to Be Smart for a great animation illustrating … Continue reading

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will suspending the ethanol mandate actually affect corn prices?

Two recent economic analyses support the conclusion that waiving or modifying policy that encourages ethanol production from corn would have little impact on corn prices.  There have been calls to waive or modify the RFS due to the massive drought … Continue reading

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Jatropha panned on NPR

An interesting report on the bursting Jatropha bubble in Africa on NPR (via Paul): There were two thoughts that I debated while reading this: Is it irresponsible for leaders and policymakers to promote feedstock crop cultivation before the fuel … Continue reading

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more on climate change and social attitudes

There has been lots of discussion on the disconnect between the evidence for climate change and what people believe.  I’ve posted on this before, and just wanted to link to a recent opinion article that I think largely misses the … Continue reading

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