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current state of world biofuel mandates

Nice summary here: Advertisements

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Meateaters: choose your meat based on GHG emissions!

Well here you have it.  Probably not very surprising, but nonetheless, if you have to eat meat, at least you can try to minimize your emissions.. Even vegetarians play a role here: Cheese generates the third-highest emissions, 13.5 kilos (29.7 … Continue reading

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some potential for miscanthus as a bioenergy crop, while switchgrass loses again

So today I’m sharing a study completed by some researchers here at Colorado State University, along with some folks at UI Urbana-Champaign using the DAYCENT model. They basically asked what would happen if instead of using corn to make ethanol, we … Continue reading

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And China jumps on the carbon trading bandwagon..

Shortly after Australia announced their carbon tax scheme, China announced a pilot carbon market program:

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Most efficient consumers of energy – by state

If I’m reading this correctly… What is going on in AK, WY, LA and ND?? I think it must have to do with industry energy use in those states, but not 100% sure.. source:

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Green Economy is Real but Needs a Push, Study Suggests

What is the ‘Green Economy’ and where is it at compared to the economy as a whole? \’Green\’ Economy is Real but Needs a Push, Study Suggests

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Australia’s Carbon Tax

Wow, compare this to the disarray (or complete lack of) US policy that exists.. From AAAS: Australia Announces Carbon Tax Plan. The plan, released July 10, places a three-year tax of $23 on every metric ton of carbon emissions produced by Australia’s … Continue reading

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