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Guest Post: reducing paper waste in university settings

Today’s post comes from Nikunj Sharma, a 4th year student at Amity University in India.  He is working on biodiesel from microalgae and is also interested in energy economics and sustainable development.  His post highlights issues of paper waste with some … Continue reading

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the rebound effect and how energy efficiency may not be the “low hanging fruit”

An interesting paradox: as we conserve more energy, we use more. We pointed out some research in the past on this effect, and some debate about the potential impact of this effect has surfaced in a couple places.  First, there … Continue reading

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US to become top producer of oil & gas and self-sufficient in energy

Says a new report from the IEA.. What does this mean for alternative and renewable energy and climate change? Renewables become the world’s second-largest source of power generation by 2015 and close in on coal as the primary source by 2035. … Continue reading

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coolest visualization of US electricity generation, distribution and potential

This is by far the coolest and most informative way to look at the electricity grid in the US – where the power is coming from, how is it distributed, and what is the potential for alternatives (wind, solar, biomass, … Continue reading

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reminding us about the Jevon’s Paradox

This short article (linked below) reminds us of something I’ve posted on before: the Jevon’s Paradox, or the idea that we will use more energy as it becomes cheaper.  So the natural gas revolution we are seeing in the US … Continue reading

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Doubling automobile fuel efficiency

Last week our humble little university got a visit from this handsome guy, and Paul and I were lucky enough to attend and even get seats in the bandstand (thanks to Paul for the great photo!).  The speech was carefully … Continue reading

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renewable energy doesn’t offset fossil fuel use

At first glance I was very surprised and skeptical of the claims of this recent paper in Nature Climate Change.  Richard York did some simple regression modeling of renewable energy and total energy use in 132 countries and found that … Continue reading

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