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faulty cement well casings cause of fracking related contamination

A new study finds that the well casing – the cement that seals the drill holes – to be the cause of fracking related water contamination.  It has been a little unclear if the well casings were the cause of … Continue reading

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Does an interdisciplinary focus distort a journal’s IF?

An interesting read about the trajectory of the impact factor (IF) of PLoS ONE: There has been a lot of criticism towards the over-reliance on IF as a quantitative metric for researcher evaluation purposes.  This article touches on a … Continue reading

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Lack of Math / Statistics – what to do?

Nice article on how students realize they suck at math / statistics, but don’t know what to do about it.. it ultimately falls on the universities and advisors to provide this training.. and they are currently failing!  While this article focuses on … Continue reading

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Video highlights research to improve crop residues for bioenergy

We’ve been a bit quiet on here lately, but some other projects have taken some of our time – in my case, helping to produce a video of some of my Ph.D. research.  In it, we discuss our project with … Continue reading

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The failure of scientists & statistics

There have been a recent spate of news around bad science – results that can’t be replicated – and as a young scientist, I’ve been reading these with much interest and concern.  As a Ph.D. student, I’ve come to see the … Continue reading

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BANR launch!

It’s official- the Bioenergy Alliance Network of the Rockies (BANR) is up and running!  The project is about studying the potential for and sustainability of converting beetle-killed wood to liquid biofuels and biochar via the Cool Planet Energy Systems conversion … Continue reading

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John’s thoughts on Tanger et al. 2013

As promised, here are my post-publication thoughts on Tanger et al. 2013, Biomass for Thermochemical Conversion: This topic was somewhat of a departure for me, as my own research focuses on greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting for bioenergy production from a … Continue reading

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