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Video highlights research to improve crop residues for bioenergy

We’ve been a bit quiet on here lately, but some other projects have taken some of our time – in my case, helping to produce a video of some of my Ph.D. research.  In it, we discuss our project with … Continue reading

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How to create the perfect bioenergy plant

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog lately, and maybe one of the reasons was a manuscript that I’ve been working on and would like to highlight here.  Since one of my co-authors on the paper is fellow blogger John … Continue reading

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thoughtful opinions on the major questions w/ the future of biofuels..

Some insightful and honest opinions about some of the major questions about the future of biofuels. Def worth the 5 min read.. http://www.biofuelsdigest.com/bdigest/2012/12/13/15-burning-questions-and-answers-for-biofuels-in-2013/

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POET and DuPont prepare for commercialization…

On the heels of KiOR’s commercial production startup, POET announces more details about their commercial process, slated to begin in 2013.  They have been buying corn cobs and corn stover from farmers for the past two seasons in preparation for this.. … Continue reading

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next gen biofuel feedstock also a noxious weed?

Sometimes we don’t always think about the weed potential when we are studying potential bioenergy feedstocks and “energy crops”.. Other things that are not mentioned alot are how susceptible to disease and pests these bioenergy crops may be when grown in monocultures.. … Continue reading

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Agrivida publishes details of engineered maize for biofuel

For biofuels to be economical, we will need some technology breakthroughs.  In the US, the RFS is driving us to produce liquid fuel, usually with enzymes that convert sugars and starches in the biomass to ethanol or other liquid molecules … Continue reading

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bioenergy companies flip strategies to lure investors

In what seems to be the beginning of a trend, some early stage bioenergy companies are shifting their focus and their feedstocks away from biomass and towards really really cheap natural gas (thanks to fracking). The first example was Sundrop … Continue reading

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