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Why are oil prices so low and what does it mean for alt energy?

Oil prices are lower than they have been in 4 years, but what has changed lately?  At first glance, not much in the big picture: no big new reserves have been found or really cheap ways to extract & process … Continue reading

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Is E85 a good deal?

Sometimes biofuelsdigest.com has some useful insight and data, but often it can be said in two sentences rather than the several pages they try to fill.  So check out this page of a recent post and importantly the chart: http://www.biofuelsdigest.com/bdigest/2013/06/20/freedom-of-choice-e20-ethanol-blends-take-the-value-crown-from-gasoline-e10/5/Continue reading

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Pb and crime?

It seems like much of the interest in the environmental impact of energy systems these days is focused entirely on greenhouse gas emissions (or maybe that’s me being biased by my own research? :).  However, a recent piece in Mother … Continue reading

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US military allowed to continue biofuels collaborations

I posted on a bill this summer trying to stop the US military from trying to reduce their long term energy costs by partnering with biofuels companies.  The US military consumes a huge amount of fossil fuels in the US, often … Continue reading

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Natural gas shutting down coal plants (with energy price comparison calculator!)

Great article on how the natural gas revolution is influencing electric power in the US, and how coal plants are threatened more by gas than by the EPA.. http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/the-demise-of-coal-fired-power-plants/2012/11/21/e7ca1e6e-fdda-11e1-b153-218509a954e1_story.html Some people quoted in this article say that if gas hits $3 – … Continue reading

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bioenergy companies flip strategies to lure investors

In what seems to be the beginning of a trend, some early stage bioenergy companies are shifting their focus and their feedstocks away from biomass and towards really really cheap natural gas (thanks to fracking). The first example was Sundrop … Continue reading

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report questions military motivation for renewables

In light of the recent debates in congress on whether to ban the military from purchasing renewable energy, mostly as a way to provide a market for new technology development, this report questions that reasoning: http://uk.reuters.com/article/2012/06/19/us-usa-defense-energy-idUKBRE85I06120120619 “There is no credible … Continue reading

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