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Colorado goes cellulosic!

Via Paul, and article in Biofuels Digest highlighting how our local corn ethanol plant (Front Range Energy in Windsor, CO) will soon be transitioning to cellulose-derived sugars for a fraction of its feedstock: http://www.biofuelsdigest.com/bdigest/2013/01/16/sugar-rush-sweetwater-front-range-ink-100m-cellulosic-biofuels-deal/ This is a very exciting development!  … Continue reading

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IPCC systematically low-balling climate estimates?

I’ve had the great opportunity to spend the week at the American Geophysical Union annual conference in San Francisco.  It’s apparently the largest annual scientific conference in the world (with ~20,000 registered attendees this year!), covering a vast array of … Continue reading

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US to become top producer of oil & gas and self-sufficient in energy

Says a new report from the IEA.. What does this mean for alternative and renewable energy and climate change? Renewables become the world’s second-largest source of power generation by 2015 and close in on coal as the primary source by 2035. … Continue reading

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California moves forward with carbon trading

California is ready to launch carbon trading platform next week: http://planetark.org/enviro-news/item/67080 UPDATE: all the 23.1 million permits sold out… each for $10.09/ton.  There were 3 times as many bids as permits available.  300 companies participated, and the plan is to … Continue reading

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No wonder electric cars aren’t selling!

While this probably isn’t the reason electric cars have not lived up to the hype and might only sell about 50,000 in 2012 (less than 1% of total sales), maybe it is a reason we shouldn’t encourage them (yet). I … Continue reading

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Perverting the CDM

There’s a great recent New York Times piece on the massive perverse incentives created by the Clean Development Mechanism: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/48578898/ns/world_news-the_new_york_times#.UCgKX1TmRsQ A bit of background: for most of the history of refrigeration, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and  hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) were used as the … Continue reading

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Glimmer of hope for US climate policy?

Times are tough right now for those of us who hope to see meaningful climate policy adopted in the United States.  New research suggests that the growing partisan divide in acceptance of the general scientific consensus on climate change is … Continue reading

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