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Climate change from an investor’s perspective

Useful angle to think about climate change from an investor’s perspective. Investors are always balancing risk and maybe this is a great way to think about climate change. As this article demonstrates, when you look at global temperature means … Continue reading

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Energy planning needs to include the “human component”

Nice post on the importance of the social aspect of energy use – hopefully not behind a paywall? Reminds me of my very first post on this site, just over 3 years ago!

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TV drama like details of last summer’s iron dumping revealed

This article seems to have the full story on last summer’s geoengineering “experiment” that we posted about..You can’t make this stuff up!

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Update to ‘IPCC systematically low-balling climate estimates?’

Four months ago I wrote a post about how several speakers at the AGU 2012 Fall Meeting suggested that the IPCC may be systematically underestimating several key climate change-related parameters (total anthropogenic GHG emissions, Arctic ice melt rates, sea level … Continue reading

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the rebound effect and how energy efficiency may not be the “low hanging fruit”

An interesting paradox: as we conserve more energy, we use more. We pointed out some research in the past on this effect, and some debate about the potential impact of this effect has surfaced in a couple places.  First, there … Continue reading

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Pb and crime?

It seems like much of the interest in the environmental impact of energy systems these days is focused entirely on greenhouse gas emissions (or maybe that’s me being biased by my own research? :).  However, a recent piece in Mother … Continue reading

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reminding us about the Jevon’s Paradox

This short article (linked below) reminds us of something I’ve posted on before: the Jevon’s Paradox, or the idea that we will use more energy as it becomes cheaper.  So the natural gas revolution we are seeing in the US … Continue reading

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