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More on automotive fuel efficiency

EPA just released a big report on vehicle fuel mileage, summed up in this WonkBlog entry http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2013/03/16/cars-in-the-u-s-are-more-fuel-efficient-than-ever-heres-why/ A few comments: A) I’m struck by how response fleet mileage seems to crude oil prices in their figure in point #1.  In … Continue reading

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policy: is RFS and CAFE going to crash into eachother?

ruh roh… Gevo might be in trouble…. http://www.businessweek.com/news/2012-09-24/gevo-shifting-production-to-ethanol-at-minnesota-biofuel-plant and perspectives on the future of the RFS…. I cut and paste the best sections below since that article is long and some of it is not that good.. http://www.biofuelsdigest.com/bdigest/2012/09/28/when-will-i-be-loved-supporters-of-the-us-renewable-fuel-standard-begin-to-rally/ At the … Continue reading

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Doubling automobile fuel efficiency

Last week our humble little university got a visit from this handsome guy, and Paul and I were lucky enough to attend and even get seats in the bandstand (thanks to Paul for the great photo!).  The speech was carefully … Continue reading

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