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policy: is RFS and CAFE going to crash into eachother?

ruh roh… Gevo might be in trouble…. and perspectives on the future of the RFS…. I cut and paste the best sections below since that article is long and some of it is not that good.. At the … Continue reading

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lopsided voices: clean energy vs. fossil fuels in the election campaign

In the new post- Citizen’s United world, whoever has the most money has the biggest voice. For those not familar with the ruling and don’t feel like reading the wikipedia article linked above, in essence, the Supreme Court decided: “…that the … Continue reading

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reminding us about the Jevon’s Paradox

This short article (linked below) reminds us of something I’ve posted on before: the Jevon’s Paradox, or the idea that we will use more energy as it becomes cheaper.  So the natural gas revolution we are seeing in the US … Continue reading

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Doubling automobile fuel efficiency

Last week our humble little university got a visit from this handsome guy, and Paul and I were lucky enough to attend and even get seats in the bandstand (thanks to Paul for the great photo!).  The speech was carefully … Continue reading

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Shifting or stretching the climate bell curve?

Just a quick follow-up to the previous post on attributing extreme weather events to climate change.  Joe over at It’s Okay to Be Smart has posted a nice little gif illustrating the trend in summer temperature extremes over the last … Continue reading

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… and Jatropha responds.

It just so happens that a few days after that NPR report on jatropha came out, Energy for Sustainable Development (one of my favorite bioenergy-relevant journals) released an issue with not one, not two, but three articles on jatropha bioenergy.  … Continue reading

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