revised RFS biofuels mandates proposed: “slashing” not the right word

Well, EPA has finally proposed the revised bioenergy production mandates under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) retroactively for 2014, for this year, and for 2016.  Not a big surprise that it was less than the original mandates, and I’d like to put this in perspective rather than say “biofuel targets have been SLASHED!!!”.  The revised mandates continue to hover around 2-5% of the original mandates.  For example, here is a quick comparison of the original cellulosic volumes, the revised volumes and the % differences.

cellulosic (million gallons) % of original
2010 original 100
% of previous yr
revised 6.5 7%
2011 original 250
% of previous yr 250%
revised 6.6 3%
2012 original 500
% of previous yr 200%
revised 8.65 2%
2013 original 1,000
% of previous yr 200%
revised 14 1%
2014 original 1,750
% of previous yr 175%
revised 33 2%
2015 original 3,000
% of previous yr 171%
revised 106 4%
2016 original 4,250
% of previous yr 142%
revised 206 5%

As we have discussed before, the original targets are completely unrealistic.  The EPA is trying to strike a balance between driving a market for bioenergy, and avoiding lawsuits over phantom fuel, as well as trying to deal with the blend wall.

This rule will be open for public comment through July 27, 2015.  I imagine there will be thousands of comments submitted, and we’ll see if the final rule changes significantly.  Check the details here:

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One Response to revised RFS biofuels mandates proposed: “slashing” not the right word

  1. John says:

    EPA continues to mandate a doubling of the cellulosic target every year, just starting from a lower level than the original congressionally-mandated schedule. This is still exponential growth of the industry, WHICH IS A BIG DEAL(!!), but as I pointed out earlier, it’s almost impossible to catch up to the original (highly unrealistic) targets:

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