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Could sugar dumping push ethanol production up?

Pulling out an interesting little option from the 2008 Farm bill, the USDA is considering re-directing US produced sugar to ethanol production to drive up sugar prices.  From what I understand, the US sugar industry is completely supported by farm … Continue reading

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US military allowed to continue biofuels collaborations

I posted on a bill this summer trying to stop the US military from trying to reduce their long term energy costs by partnering with biofuels companies.  The US military consumes a huge amount of fossil fuels in the US, often … Continue reading

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thoughtful opinions on the major questions w/ the future of biofuels..

Some insightful and honest opinions about some of the major questions about the future of biofuels. Def worth the 5 min read.. http://www.biofuelsdigest.com/bdigest/2012/12/13/15-burning-questions-and-answers-for-biofuels-in-2013/

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will suspending the ethanol mandate actually affect corn prices?

Two recent economic analyses support the conclusion that waiving or modifying policy that encourages ethanol production from corn would have little impact on corn prices.  There have been calls to waive or modify the RFS due to the massive drought … Continue reading

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report questions military motivation for renewables

In light of the recent debates in congress on whether to ban the military from purchasing renewable energy, mostly as a way to provide a market for new technology development, this report questions that reasoning: http://uk.reuters.com/article/2012/06/19/us-usa-defense-energy-idUKBRE85I06120120619 “There is no credible … Continue reading

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outrageous bill to stop military investment in biofuels gains traction

This is ridiculous.  If anyone has the power (and the need) to really help bioenergy move forward by providing a viable market it is the US military.  Tying them up with short-sighted legislation like this should outrage all of us. … Continue reading

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Youcut Review: A way to engage the public in science or a witchhunt?

So have you heard about this?  You too can be a grant panel reviewer with zero specialized scientific knowledge!  Wired.com discusses it here and I’d like to know what you think.  Basically you can review NSF grants and tell congressman … Continue reading

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