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impacts of extending ethanol tax credit

just a quick post today, from FAPRI and potential impacts of extending the ethanol blender’s credit:

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Climate “Skeptic” vs. Climate “Denier”

Thought I would add this small article written by technical scientist (M.S., PhD in physics) and author that discusses multiple topics concerning if you can define yourself as a climate “skeptic” or a climate “Denier”.  I don’t think that this … Continue reading

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Auto execs and Republicans for improved fuel economy?

A letter from former GOP representatives and agency officials encouraging the Obama administration to aggressively increase fuel economy standards!  Not something you see everyday… On a related note, Mark Thoma of the University of Oregon on a recent MIT study … Continue reading

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The carbon abatement cost of REDD+: improving ag yields and household cooking efficiency

A new study in Nature Climate Change (, or for a synopsis, estimates the Carbon Abatement Cost (CAC) of Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation, a.k.a. REDD+, implementation in Tanzania.  Deforestation in sub-Saharan Africa is driven primarily by … Continue reading

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Declining snowpack in the mountian west

As many who ski and recreate outdoors here this time of year can attest, the 2010/2011 winter has been a record year for snowfall throughout much of Colorado and the US mountain west.  But in an upcoming article in Science … Continue reading

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Article series at National Geographic

National Geographic has a little series of energy related articles and thought I’d share two: I guess I never really though about where recycled motor oil goes, but apparently most of it is just burned, but some folks are trying to change … Continue reading

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EU carbon trading issues..

Is this really as bad as it sounds?  I don’t know much about this, but if we ever get a carbon market rolling in the US, could we prevent this sort of thing?

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