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more on climate change and social attitudes

There has been lots of discussion on the disconnect between the evidence for climate change and what people believe.  I’ve posted on this before, and just wanted to link to a recent opinion article that I think largely misses the … Continue reading

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support for a national clean energy standard

I wanted to bring your attention to some recent articles that I hope are not limited access articles.  In any case, they make two points: 1. The American public overwhelmingly supports a national clean energy standard, even when knowing it … Continue reading

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renewable energy doesn’t offset fossil fuel use

At first glance I was very surprised and skeptical of the claims of this recent paper in Nature Climate Change.  Richard York did some simple regression modeling of renewable energy and total energy use in 132 countries and found that … Continue reading

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Why we suck at long term decisions

Great article on Nature yesterday, and I clipped some parts to pique your interest. a little long, but def worth the read! …Should we do everything in our power to stop global warming? To make sure terrorists don’t board aeroplanes? … Continue reading

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Thought this was an interesting article about big oil focuses their target market to believe them even when their target market is getting hammered by the prices of big oil’s product.  This article shows how much a good public relations … Continue reading

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Is an “open mind” just not built into human nature?

So lets kick off this site with an thought provoking question that is much broader than issues with energy but certainly applies, as I will discuss. I was reading this interesting article which reviews some studies in human psychology that … Continue reading

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