TV drama like details of last summer’s iron dumping revealed

This article seems to have the full story on last summer’s geoengineering “experiment” that we posted about..You can’t make this stuff up!

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4 Responses to TV drama like details of last summer’s iron dumping revealed

    • Paul says:

      I’m going to have to disagree here.. CIA funding what is essentially a review article of science that would have used the scientific method is not in the same category as what happened in the pacific ocean last year. Furthermore, I’m not surprised, nor does it really concern me that the CIA is interested.. I think we will start to see alot of interest from security/military agencies (DoD, etc) in learning more about potential impact and mitigation of climate change, since it is a security issue. There is quite a bit of evidence than the arab spring was really driven by climate change.. and you can be damn sure the CIA is interested in knowing when the next major geopolitical situation will arise..

      • John says:

        Disagree with what? The title and last paragraph are a bit hyperbolic, granted, but the rest of the article is a fairly neutral summary of the history of the idea and potential ecological side-effects and governance issues that have been raised by plenty of people elsewhere already. Also, I’m calling bullshit on ‘quite a bit of evidence’ for the Arab-Spring-climate-change thing… unless you consider Thomas Friedman a scientist:

  1. John says:

    Also, if this wasn’t illegal before, looks like it is now:

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