next gen biofuel feedstock also a noxious weed?

Sometimes we don’t always think about the weed potential when we are studying potential bioenergy feedstocks and “energy crops”..

Other things that are not mentioned alot are how susceptible to disease and pests these bioenergy crops may be when grown in monocultures..

More than 200 scientists recently sent a letter to the heads of federal agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency and the Departments of Agriculture and Energy, urging them not to encourage the commercial planting of known invasives like Arundo.

Officials in at least three states have banned the bamboo-like grass as a “noxious weed”; California has spent more than $70 million trying to eradicate it. The federal government has labeled it a “high risk” for invasiveness.

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2 Responses to next gen biofuel feedstock also a noxious weed?

  1. John says:

    So, is the invasive-ness of plants like this driven by seeding, or by vegetative propagation? Do you still run into the same types of issues with sterile cultivars, like in Miscanthus?

  2. Paul says:

    in these cases (miscanthus and giant reed) it is the rhizomes that grow underground that are the problem..

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