What bioenergy journals do you read?

Bioenergy is an extremely diverse and multidisciplinary field, and currently seems to be enjoying exponential growth.  I’m constantly surprised to find new journals that I’ve never heard of before that are publishing high-quality studies relevant to my own work. For anyone that’s interested, I’m starting a new page on this blog where we can list (by topic) the journals that we find relevant to our own work for everyone else’s reference.  The large number of bioenergy-relevant journals out there vary widely in terms of readership (as indicated by impact factors or H values), and the time it takes to get manuscripts reviewed (I’ve heard horror stories from students in my department having manuscripts stuck in limbo for well in excess of a year, and eventually having to withdraw and re-submit somewhere else with less of a review backlog!).  Also included in that new page is a link to a little google spreadsheet that I’ve been using to track such things in order to inform my own submission decisions- feel free to use/add to/improve it as you see fit.

Mean publication time estimates based on a sampling of 10 articles from a single recent issue

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