Statistical pitfalls- significant differences

From The Guardian:
The statistical error that just keeps on coming

Obvious when you think about it, but apparently it’s an easy mistake to make- beware!

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One Response to Statistical pitfalls- significant differences

  1. Paul says:

    Wow! So in the cases they saw, did they look at how many conclusions would be invalidated by performing that test? Well, I had to know, so from the original paper:

    “Are all these articles wrong about their main conclusions? We do not think so. First, we counted any paper containing at least one erroneous analysis of an interaction. For a given paper, the main conclusions may not depend on the erroneous analysis. Second, in roughly one third of the error cases, we were convinced that the critical, but missing, interaction effect would have been statistically significant (consistent with the researchers’ claim), either because there was an enormous difference between the two effect sizes or because the reported methodological information allowed us to determine the approximate significance level. Nonetheless, in roughly two thirds of the error cases, the error may have had serious consequences.”

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