Funding for renewable energy on the farm

From Bloomberg:  Barclays Forms $163 Million Renewable Energy Fund for U.K. Farms

In response to farmer demand, the large UK bank Barclays has just devoted several hundred million dollars towards financing small-scale renewable energy projects.  Most of the projects apparently are wind, solar, or micro-hyrdo based, with an average capacity of 44 kW.  A great trend, though I can’t help but wonder why there’s not more focus on bioenergy technologies based on CHP, gasification, anaerobic digestion, etc.  After all, many of these farms likely have access to large amounts of agricultural residues on-site…

Closer to home, the Colorado Dept. of Agricultural has a very similar program called Advancing Colorado’s Renewable Energy (ACRE) that is somewhat more biomass-focused, with past projects in the areas of small scale ethanol, biodiesel, and bio-oil, as well as algal biomass and biochar.  Check out their website to get an overview of local bioenergy projects and download the associated technical reports. (Full disclosure: our latest biochar work in the Cotrufo group is funded through them as well, so I’m biased!)

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