CSU researchers receive DOE grant to study bioenergy feedstocks

Some more local news at Colorado State!  My lab as part of a larger collaboration was awarded a pretty large DOE/USDA grant for translational research on bioenergy feedstocks.

We’ll be using rice as both 1) a model for other grasses and 2) a rich source of agricultural residues in many of the places where rice is produced, in order to identify genes that improve the biomass yield and characteristics for energy conversion.  Just to clarify, of course we aren’t using rice grain for bioenergy, we are using the rest of the plant left after harvest!  Once we identify these genes, we can integrate them through either traditional breeding, or if the GMO tides continue to shift, through modern biotechnology.

Stay tuned for results (hopefully) soon!

For the local CSU story:


For the grant abstract:


For the complete list of 2011 awards:


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