Most efficient consumers of energy – by state

If I’m reading this correctly…

What is going on in AK, WY, LA and ND??

I think it must have to do with industry energy use in those states, but not 100% sure..


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4 Responses to Most efficient consumers of energy – by state

  1. amanda says:

    lowest population densities?
    except LA, dont know whats going on with that. WY and AK have lots o’ oil to harvest, so maybe thats upping their #s.

  2. Paul says:

    If it was purely energy used by people that lived there then population density wouldn’t be directly responsible. I’m leaning towards the energy use by industry is being included and when you divide that by the few people that they have in those states, it seems like alot.. I dunno though..

  3. amanda says:

    huh, less people live in all of wyoming than in DC
    guess that is fewer people who will die immediately when that super-volcano under yellowstone finally blows. now *that* (supervolcano) is the kind of energy we need to harvest!

  4. Paul says:

    Here is another article making erroneous conclusions about this data and attributing it to their energy efficiency:

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