Grossest. Biofeedstock. Ever.

Fly Larvae Used to Remove Organic Waste On an Industrial Scale

A group of researchers from the University of Alicante (Spain) present the results of a pilot project where fly larvae are used to reduce animal feces and manure in a sustainable manner…

The Benidorm plant is divided in two: the biofactory where flies breed and where the eggs hatch and the biodigester where the larvae feed on organic matter. When the larvae reach a certain size, they are separated from the waste and the biomass is processed to obtain other economically valuable and reusable products. Thus, in addition to organic fertilizer, larval biomass can be used as raw material of other valuable by-products ranging from biodiesel or bio-components of pharmaceutical interest, to its use in animal feed such as aquaculture.

You biology folks should thank you lucky stars that you work with plants or algae instead!

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One Response to Grossest. Biofeedstock. Ever.

  1. amanda says:

    I am curious what ‘unsustainable’ things they were doing with the animal waste prior to this whole fly development… Ah well, I must say its always amusing when compost makes the news. Maybe someday we will adpot this ‘new technology’ and stop pitching all our organic materials in the landfill. a girl can dream, cant she?

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