Climate “Skeptic” vs. Climate “Denier”

Thought I would add this small article written by technical scientist (M.S., PhD in physics) and author that discusses multiple topics concerning if you can define yourself as a climate “skeptic” or a climate “Denier”.  I don’t think that this will change any of the true doubters minds, but in any event, its good logic to chew on.  I especially enjoy the section on the “the young guns of science” section.  As a PhD candidate, I can’t help but relate to this argument.

Anyways, here is the link.

About stevanalbers

Steve is a PhD student in the Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Program at Colorado State University. His research focuses on building Synthetic Biology systems in photosynthetic microorganisms. His other interests focus on analysis of bioenergy patent data to further develop a deeper understanding of this nascent industry.
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