EPA releases 2012 RFS targets

EPA just published their final ruling on 2012 RFS targets

This is important for current and potential biofuel producers as it basically defines their market.  As expected, the volumes for cellulosic are way below the original volumes specified in the 2007 EISA, a nice chart of which is here:


Chart of EISA targets by year

(Chart credit: MSU Bioenergy)

Or for those who prefer the actual numbers:


Conventional Biofuel

Advanced Biofuel

Cellulosic Biofuel

Biomass-based Diesel

Total RFS







We should also note that we’ve almost reached the cutoff (15.2bg) specified by EISA of how much corn grain can be blended into our fuel supply, so we shouldn’t see much more than the current 38% or so of corn going to ethanol (It is actually less than 38% since a co-product of the conversion process goes back to animal feed, which was mostly the end use of US corn, not starving people as many would try to argue)

Finally, here is the the revised standards for 2012:


EPA 2012 RFS volumes table

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